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About Us

A comfortable mattress is fundamental to sound sleep. 92% people deem comfy mattress as significant to ensure a happy peaceful slumber every night.

The sleep market is flooded with plethora of mattresses but not all would be ideal for you. No wonder conscious customers tend to check the reviews and get a comparative study on multiple mattresses to ensure an informed decision. But here is a catch. It’s true that the virtual world is bustling with multitude of reviews on mattresses. However, not all of them are unbiased and honest accounts. Put simply, some of the reviews are penned by paid reviewers. And these reviewers only write to protect the interest of the brands paying them. If you find a review which only highlights the positive aspects of a mattress- beware! Almost every product out there, irrespective of the type, carries at least one limitation. There is always the room for improvement or modification for every product we see in the market- including mattresses. Long story short, if you see a reviewer is not hosting any red flag for a mattress, s/he is possibly hiding something.

Yes, it’s slightly tough to distinguish between faux and honest reviews on mattresses. But then, it’s not exactly impossible. And this is where Prego Pillow comes to the rescue. We are dedicated in helping consumers to choose the most compatible product based on transparent and informed decision. We stand for honest accounts which not only explain the best aspects of a mattress- but also don’t shy away from being truthful about the limitations.

At pregopillow.org, we are driven by the mission to extend all possible details needed to ensure an educated and informed decision while buying a mattress. However, we not only focus on the mattresses. We are your “sleep judges”. Thus, staying true to our name, we also offer honest reviews on other sleep products, including- toppers, sleep machines,  mattress protectors or encasement and so on.

Why count on our reviews?

As sleep experts, we know a generic cookie-cutter approach cannot be applied to while choosing a mattress. One person’s “best mattress” may not be the “perfect one” for another. Various factors are to be taken into account while choosing your right mattress. These include your specific body weight, type, height as well as comfort preferences.

We are aimed to cater to different kinds of sleepers and thus our recommendations are usually customized to the particular requirements and specifications of each sleeper. Hence, we conduct a wide range of tests such as heat retention, firmness tests, motion transfer verification, tests on breathing quality of a mattress and so on. These tests enable us to gauge the compatibility and comfort quotients of each mattress in regards to specific body condition of each user.

The current market is packed with a plethora of new mattress brands and the number is increasing with almost each passing month. Now, it’s not exactly possible for us to review every individual online mattress company out there. Instead, we have chosen to stick to only those names that command an impressive market reputation and are renowned for credibility. Most importantly, we bank on those names that we ourselves would love to recommend to our near and dear ones.

How Prego Pillows selects the brands?

You must be intrigued to know what exactly we follow to select the brands that we bring before you. Well, we take a 3-step approach here which is defined below:

  • Step 1

We focus on concentrating our research on only the most top rated sleep goodies in the market. We also count in new emerging brands that show promise. We carry an extensive research on company reviews, user reviews as well as other reviews on those products available online. We also check out forum discussions on the products and other possible feedback accessible over the web zone. Based on the detailed study, we make a shortlist of products that we would personally prefer to review.

  • Step 2

We “personally” test the mattresses. Yes, we literally sleep on the chosen mattresses for something like 14 days before coming to any judgment. The same process is followed for other kinds of sleep products as well. After we have gathered a first-hand experience with each of the products, then we decide whether or not the goodies could be recommended to customers.

  • Step 3

We deploy the exact same testing methods while studying all the products to ensure a seamless consistency and best possible accurate results. Then, we set out to extend our recommendations and ratings to help you take an informed decision.

Jennifer M. A Pillow Specialist.


One of the most dedicated Review Team experts of Prego Pillow, Jennifer is also our in-house Pillow Specialist. A busy mom of one, Jennifer understands the significance of a peaceful slumber every night to ensure overall mind & body wellness. Being a passionate runner, the dynamic lady stresses on the importance of choosing the most compatible sleep products to enhance body recovery. The best part, she shares her research and expert knowledge to assist others in choosing the most suitable products for a comfortable life.

A resident of Sacramento (Northern California), Danielle is a high-school teacher by profession and also a multi-purpose freelance writer. Although she has quit her teaching job to focus more on building this website, when she is not busy writing or reading, she is usually seen running around with her little kid.

My Sleeping Profile.

My packed schedule hardly spares me the luxury of generous sleep every time. Thus, for me, it’s extremely crucial to ensure a sound uninterrupted rest whenever I can manage a nap or slumber. It helps me to wake up with a refreshed mind and active body which is ever-ready to take on the challenges of daily life. And, premium sleep goodies are must for my comfort. Being a stomach sleeper, I usually end up adding stress to my body and hence I am very particular about stuff that can lend the required support to my sleeping habits. And, yes, I love to share the same with those who are on the same boat as me.

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