Best Baby Food Maker of 2019 - Buyer's Guide and Report

Best Baby Food Maker of 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Report

As a parent, there is no doubt that you would do everything humanly possible to keep your child happy. As you should already know, you are what you eat. This is true for all human beings. This is why it is so incredibly important to give your child a good foundation by providing them with a super healthy diet. Nevertheless, a lot of parents are skeptical of pre-made baby foods. What exactly do these products contain? Are they full of BPA or phthalates? This attitude has encouraged many parents to specially make food for their toddler.

Within this comprehensive guide, you’re going to learn about some of the best baby food makers on the market. By purchasing one of these devices, you’ll be able to prepare your baby delicious, healthy foods that will kick start his or her development! Before we go to the guide, lets take a quick look at the top 5 baby food maker in the market.

Best Baby Food Maker Reviews

best baby food maker

#1 Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Review

Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker

Whether you are a first-time mother or you are on your second child, you probably already know that nutrition and baby feeding is something that cannot be overlooked. As a mother, it is your job to ensure that your child is eating regularly and healthy.

While the task might seem daunting and challenging, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker can make your feeding job so much easier. With the hassle-free design, you never have to worry about mixing, measuring, or making a huge mess. All you have to do is insert the ingredients in the right compartments, and the device will do all the legwork for you.

Take Control With Ease

If you have every used a baby food maker before, you might already know that some of them can be pretty complicated. However, that is entirely not the case with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker. This baby food maker features an extremely easy to use control panel. All you literally have to do after inserting the ingredients if select the bottle size that you want, and the machine will create that size with a matter of just 30 seconds.

Unique Mixing Funnel Design

Another unique and amazing feature that comes included with this baby maker is the mixing funnel. Thanks to the unique design of the funnel the machine mixes the powdered formula and water at the perfect consistency, while exerting minimal air bubbles. After the cycle is complete very little shaking is required to finish of the preparation of the bottle. Of course, this can vary depending on the thickness of the formula that you are using.

  • Easy to understand and use control panel
  • Unique mixing funnel dispenses formula and water with minimal air bubbles
  • No mixing, measuring, or making messes anymore with this machine
  • Water tank holds 50 ounces of water
  • Some shaking might be required with thicker formulas

Overall Assessment

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Baby Food Maker is highly recommended by parents. The model is designed to offer convenience, easy clean-up and a quick cooking process.

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#2 Cuisinart BFM-1000 and Bottle Warmer Review

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

If you are a new parent, you already know that keeping your baby fed and happy can be quite a job in itself. You probably find yourself standing over the stove for hours on in during the middle of the night trying to prepare bottle after bottle. This is not to even mention all the other work that goes into creating your own baby food. If this sounds like your life, and you truly want to make it easier, you should consider investing in the Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer.

Includes A Special Recipe Book

Your baby’s nutrition is your number one job, and if you spend just a little bit of time researching you will find that store bought baby food can sometimes contain harmful and dangerous chemicals. This is why it is always best to make your own baby food right at home. The Cuisinart BFM-1000 truly makes this task simply and easy, as it comes along with its very own recipe book that includes a variety of different unique and tasty dishes.

Built-In Bottle Warmer

Heating your baby’s bottles over the stove can be quite a difficult task, especially during the late hours of the night. If you do not carefully monitor the heating time you could end up overheating the bottle and burning your baby, or ruining the formula altogether. However, that will never be the case with this easy to use machine, as it includes a built-in bottle warmer and timer. Simply slide the bottle into place, set the time, and let the machine do all the warming for you. Once the bottle is properly warmed the machine will turn itself off to prevent any overheating.

  • Built-in bottle warmer with a timer
  • Includes recipe book, bottle adapter ring, measuring cup, and spatula
  • Very detailed instruction manual
  • The cook bowl may become cloudy overtime
  • Some reports of warped handles on the cook bowl

Overall Assessment

This miraculous machine truly just about does everything that you could imagine. From making baby food to safely warming baby bottles, this machine can do it.

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#3 Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Review

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

Do you remember all the ravings over the original Magic Bullet Blender? Millions of people went out purchased these blenders to create their own homemade salsas and margaritas. Well, that same company has now released a Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System on the market, that is very similar to the original blender. This baby food making system has the ability to completely change the way that you prepare your baby’s food, as this is no easy task for any parent.

Create An Abundance Of Food In No Time

You have probably already discovered that making baby food is not an easy task, but as a new parent it is something that you have to do, and you better get used to it, because you will be doing it for the next few years. However, the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet can make your life easier. With the blender, storage cups, and other accessories you have the ability to create an entire week’s worth of baby food in just 5 minutes. Doesn’t that just sound great, a whole week’s worth of baby food in just 5 minutes?

Easy To Understand Cookbook And User Manual

Not everyone has the abilities of a rocket scientist or a chef. This is why the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet comes along with an easy to understand cookbook and user manual. The manual can provide you with tons of detailed instructions on how to setup, prep, and run the Magic Bullet System, while the cookbook delves out a variety of different healthy and exciting baby foods. Every ingredient that you need and the exact amount that you need will be listed in the book, along with the mixing order and cooking time. It truly doesn’t get much easier than this.

  • Includes tons of accessories like cookbooks, storage cups, user manuals, and more
  • One-year warranty
  • Designed by the same company that made the original Magic Bullet
  • Make a week worth of food in just 5 minutes
  • This product only blends foods it does not steam
  • Steamer is sold separately

Overall Assessment

The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is idea for every parent, who wants their baby to eat healthy, fresh foods. The user-friendly interface makes this the perfect baby food maker for all parents.

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#4 BEABA Babycook, Sorbet Review

BEABA Babycook, Sorbet

There are tons of advantages to making your own homemade baby food. Not only will you save more money in the long run, but also you will ensure that your child is eating only healthy and organic foods. With that being said, if you have ever tried creating and cooking your own homemade baby food, you know that it can be quite the difficult task.

That was until the innovative BEABA Babycook Sorbet came along. This innovative device has literally changed the way that new mothers are preparing food for their children.

One Stop Shop For All Your Needs

This unique countertop appliance not only sits on your countertop, while taking up a limited amount of space, but it truly does anything that you could imagine. The machine is capable of steaming, blending, warming, and defrosting. Mothers can steam vegetables in less than 15 minutes without worrying about compromising the vitamins and minerals that are stored within the vegetables. You can blend food to any type of consistency to ensure that you baby can properly and safely consume it.

Quick And Easy Clean Up With Excellent Customer Support

With the BEABA Babycook, Sorbet cleanup is easy as it has ever been before. The bowl and basket are top rack dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean and dry these parts without a fuss. In addition to this, if you ever experience any problems of difficulties, you can contact customer support on the phone or online. The company has an excellent support staff that is always standing by and ready to assist you.

  • Blends, steams, warms bottles, and even defrosts fish
  • Some components are dishwasher safe for added convenience
  • Online and over the phone customers support staff
  • Includes spatula and recipe booklet
  • Some components could be better made

Overall Assessment

The BEABA Babycook, Sorbet will add convenience busy parents’ life, while ensuring their baby is consuming healthy, fresh foods every day.

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#5 Lil’ Jumbl Versatile Review

Versatile Baby Food Maker

Caring for your children and making sure that they have everything they need is hard enough on its own. Making and preparing their food should not be that difficult. In thepast, it truly used to be quite a task, but not anymore with this all-in-one Lil’ Jumbl Versatile Baby Food Maker. This innovative device really has every baby food making capability that you could ever need. It warms and sterilizes bottles, blends, steams, and defrosts foods.

LCD Display With Easy Control Panel

The more technology grows the easier things become, and this could not be truer with the Lil’ Jumbl Versatile Baby Food Maker. Thanks to the large LCD display parents have easy access to a wide variety of easy to understand and use controls.

  • Large LCD Display
  • Capable of performing a variety of different functions
  • Dual steaming
  • Splash lid is difficult to locate in the machine, as it is hidden on the bottom left of the unit

Overall Assessment

The Lil’ Jumbl Versatile Baby Food Maker is designed with the busy parent in mind. The user-friendly interface will eliminate the need to pull out the instruction guide after the first and second use. The end results, healthy, fresh foods that taste marvelous.

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What Is A Baby Food Maker?

baby food makers

First and foremost, you should learn about the basics of these devices. While the actual functionality of a baby food maker might be complex, the concept is very basic. These devices normally closely resemble a blender. However, there is one major difference. They’re specifically designed to produce baby food. They can grind up a wide variety of foods ranging from tomatoes to lettuce and everything in between. Some of these appliances go well beyond this level.

Some can produce baby food and even warm up a bottle or pacifier. On top of that, some also operate like a sterilizer. Whether you’re interested in preparing your own food or ensuring your baby’s bottle is totally safe, you should definitely think about investing in one of these products.

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The Benefits Of Owning One

Initially, you might not see a point in purchasing a baby food maker. This is definitely the wrong mindset to have. The truth of the matter is that there are various benefits associated with being able to produce your own baby’s food. Just imagine being able to create baby food in the comfort of your own home. You’ll have complete control and you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary tips to the store when you’ve run out of bottled foods. Simultaneously, you may actually save money over a period of time.

For your consideration, the benefits of purchasing a baby food maker will be explored in more detail below.

More Cost Effective – First and foremost, you should realize that one of these appliances will actually save you money in the long run. The initial price might seem experience, but in the long run, the product will help you save money. Bottled baby foods can be enormously expensive. In fact, manufacturers often overprice their foods, because they’re already prepared, bottled, and deemed more convenient. With one of these appliances, you’ll be able to keep the costs to a minimum. Just purchase the ingredients and prepare the foods on your own. Over a period of time, the baby food maker will pay for itself.

Additional Peace Of Mind – Parents will always be concerned about their children and the foods that they’re eating. This is why you always look at the label on the back of your baby’s food. However, it is true that you cannot always true the label. Something could go wrong at the manufacturing plant and an unknown ingredient could easily fall into the food. This will never be a problem with a baby food maker. Once you own one of these products, you’ll remain in complete control. You’ll be able to pick and choose the ingredients you want to use and you’ll always know what your toddler is eating!

Totally Convenient – Purchasing bottled baby foods is definitely convenient. Nevertheless, you should not be frightened about using a baby food maker. These appliances couldn’t be easier to use. In fact, they’re nearly identical to a blender. So, if you’ve used a blender in the past, you’ll have no trouble using a baby food maker. Skip to the trip to your local big box store and pull out your baby food maker. Before you know it, your baby’s food will be ready to go!

Serves Multiple Purposes – Many people do not realize it, but a baby food maker can easily serve multiple purposes. Many do more than just prepare food. In fact, they can warm and sterilize bottles. They can also reheat, steam and blend. The possibilities are nearly endless. If you want to be able to achieve numerous goals with a single appliance, you should definitely add a baby food maker to your kitchen.

Truly, there is an abundance of benefits associated with owning a baby food maker. However, you’ll need to make sure that you get the best baby food maker possible to ensure you’re able to reap all of these benefits.


Most consumers, especially parents are willing to spend a little extra money on a higher quality product. When shopping for a new baby food maker, you will have a wide range of brands and models available, but you must remember that the top name brands will cost slightly more money. However, for the additional cost you will receive a longer warranty, larger capacity and more capabilities. If this is something that you are interested in, you should definitely allow yourself to invest the extra money in a leading brand.

What To Look For

What To Look For In A Baby Food Maker

There are many factors to consider, when investing in a baby food maker, but one thing is for sure you will want to get your money’s worth from the machine. The baby food maker has many capabilities, but each brand is different so look for one that will provide you with the necessities.

  • Steaming – is a much healthier food preparation option, because it does not alter the nutrient content, taste or shape. The hot steam will not dry out the food, but make it moister without overdoing it.
  • Blending – is a necessity, especially when combining several ingredients together. With this capability, you will need a separate blender for mixing all the ingredients together thoroughly.
  • Reheating – is not a necessity, but will come in handy when you do not have time to heat the food up on the stove. As you already know, it is not safe to heat baby foods in the microwave, because of uneven cooking.
  • Defrosting – will come in handy, when you are dealing with frozen foods. Just utilize this feature to thaw out the foods, before you begin preparing the homemade baby foods.
  • Bottle Sterilizer – is a wonderful little extra feature that will provide convenience for every parent. If the baby food maker is capable of steaming baby bottles, you will not need to invest in a separate bottle steamer. The sterilizer should also do pacifier and sippy cups.
  • Bottle Warmer – will allow you to safely warm your baby’s milk throughout the day and night. This feature is much safer than utilizing a microwave – which is not recommended – and faster than utilizing hot water. Warm up the milk in seconds and be ready to feed your hungry baby.

Larger Capacity

Preparing homemade baby foods is a timely process, but with the baby food maker it is possible to reduce this time in have. With this said, you will not want to spend hours preparing foods for your child, which is why a model with a larger capacity will be in your best interest. The larger capacity will allow you to prepare a larger quantity of food in a single setting, so you do not have to repeat the process more than necessary. The foods can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months, which is wonderful for busy parents that are always on the goal.

Storage Containers

A baby food maker that comes with a set of storage containers will be your best bet. Once these foods are prepared, you can place them in the containers and in the freezer. Remove them as needed to provide your baby with fresh, healthy homemade baby foods every day of the week. The included storage containers are designed to hold one serving of baby food, plus some brands are equipped with a date dial.

Integrated Spatula Storage

It can be extremely difficult to keep up with all the accessories included with a baby food maker. However, with an integrated spatula storage option you will never misplace the included spatula. Everything you need to start preparation will be within reach, so you can start preparing the baby food, without needing to gather up all the utensils.

Some models also come with a container that holds all of the storage cups for a neater storage.

Overall Safeness

Another thing to remember is that some products may contain compounds that could be dangerous to your child. If you find out that a baby food maker contains BPA or phthalates, you should avoid it at all costs. Make sure that the product is completely safe and does not contain any of these harmful chemicals.

Preparation Time

Each specific unit is different. With some, you’ll be required to wait ten to twenty minutes for the food to be properly blended. As a parent, you’re going to be incredibly busy, so you’ll probably want to quickest preparation time possible. Some units are capable of getting the job done in less than five minutes. If you want to get back to your as quickly as possible, you should definitely put a lot of emphasis onto this factor!

Ease Of Maintenance

When investing in a baby food maker, you’ll want to make your life easier! Therefore, your product of choice should deliver added convenience. It shouldn’t make your life any more difficult. This is why you should go above and beyond to find an appliance that can be maintained and cleaned with ease. It is wise to choose a blender that can be broken down easily. Plus, many of the components should be dishwasher friendly. This combination will ensure your baby food maker remains in good condition for as long as humanly possible, without making your life more complicated.

Overall Size

You’ll certainly want to be able to prepare a sufficient amount of food with your baby food processor. Simultaneously, it is pertinent to choose a device that will fit into your kitchen with little to no trouble at all. Therefore, you will need to find a good middle ground between capacity and overall size. Make sure the device can prepare a lot of food, but also make sure you’ll have no trouble storing the unit in your kitchen. It is a good idea to ensure the appliance will easily slip into your cabinet or shelf.

Digital Controls

When looking for a baby food blender, you should definitely make sure you choose a device that will be totally easy to use. This is why it is a good idea to choose one that features digital controls. An LCD screen will be very beneficial. Make sure you’ll have no trouble operating the machine. Digital controls, an LCD display and a digital time are good features. These add-ons will definitely make your life easier.


Baby food makers utilize a handful of moving components. Over a period of time, these components will begin to wear out. Once they’ve had enough, they’ll break down and fail to operate as properly. Even the most expensive and highest quality appliance is going to malfunction at some point or another. This is why it is absolutely pertinent to get the longest warranty as possible. Do not be afraid to spend a little more, if it means to get a better warranty. In the end, you’ll be glad that you did.

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