Pregnancy Gender Test: Does My Pregnancy Tell Me if it is a Girl Or Boy?

Pregnancy Gender Test – Does My Pregnant Belly Tell Me If It Is A Girl Or Boy?

Finding out whether you have a boy or a girl is not hard anymore. You can take a sonographer scan after 20 weeks of pregnancy and get a 95% accurate result. Sure, it depends on the baby’s position, but generally speaking, a doctor can give you the right answer. This is the one and only way to know for sure.

Although some parents opt for this procedure voluntarily, it’s mostly recommended by specialists when the pregnancy carries at least one risk.

Pregnancy Gender Test

Pregnancy Gender Test

Before these technological improvements, parents had to guess a baby’s gender. There’s a 50% chance you can get it right. Other than that, there are multiple old wives’ tales to guess the gender. Obviously, they have no scientific backup, so you can never be 100% sure. But then, at least you can increase that 50% chance of guessing.

The Belly Shape Test

There are multiple tests to determine the baby’s gender. Apart from the sonography test, none of them has a scientific background. But then, many times, these old wives’ tales were proven correct. If you’re curious about it, this belly test is probably the most popular one.

It’s safe and doesn’t require any procedures. In fact, it’s entirely based on observation. Before getting there, it’s important to get used to some of the terms used in the process.

For instance, carrying high implies the baby bump resting high on the abdomen. Practically, it’s closer to the ribs, rather than to the hips. On the other hand, carrying low is the opposite. There’s also a major difference between a narrow belly and a wide one. Generally speaking, it’s related to the shape of the uterus.

Observe your belly by taking a few pictures from the belly level – profile. You might want to set the camera on a timer and move a few feet away. If you carry low and narrow, chances are you’ll have a boy. If you carry high and wide, you’ll get a girl.

The Weight Gain Test

On another note, the way you gain weight may also provide some clues on your baby’s gender. Different women gain weight in different ways. If your belly is prominent and most of the extra weight goes in the front, you might have a boy. If you gain lots of extra weight on your hips and in the back, you might have a girl.

The Way Your Skin Feels

Your skin will also be affected by the hormonal changes taking place in your body during pregnancy. While not scientifically proven, your skin may also hide some clues about your little one. It’s said that carrying a boy will dry your skin. Therefore, if your skin feels smooth and clear, you might have a girl.

The Heart Rate

Taking regular tests during pregnancy will reveal a series of details. Even if you don’t want to know the gender officially, other details might tell you what you’re expecting. According to some old wives’ tales, it seems that boys have slower heart rates. In other words, if your baby has less than 140PPM, you’ll probably have a boy. If the value is higher, you could be having a girl.

There’s a decent chance your baby’s heart rate will settle at 140PPM – hard to tell what you might have then.

The Hair

Your hair also has something to do with the gender of your baby. If your hair is so dry and dull that most people assume you’ve been on a camping trip with no tap water for a month, chances are you might have a girl. On the other hand, if it shines like in those shampoo commercials, you’re carrying a boy.

The body hair is not to be overlooked either. You should know how thick it is and how fast it grows. You’ll have a boy if it grows thicker and faster. If there are no changes, you’ll probably have a girl.

The Wedding Ring

This is one of the most popular and best known old wives’ tales. You should use your own wedding ring for a more accurate result – still not scientifically proven though. Get a strand of your hair, knot the ring to one of its ends and lay down.

Hold the other end of the strand above your belly and let the ring dangle. If it moves from side to side, you’re probably carrying a girl. If it goes around in circles, you might have a boy.

The Bigger Breast

While most tests to disclose your baby’s gender are based on the belly, the surrounding area is not to be overlooked either. You probably know already that most women have one breast larger than the other. It’s usually the left one due to its proximity to the heart – more blood, more nutrients.

When you get pregnant, this rule might change. If your left breast is still bigger, you might have a girl and vice versa.

The Taste

Some old wives’ tales relate to the changes in your taste, as well as your cravings. If you keep craving for sweet things based on sugar, chances are you’ll have a girl. It makes no difference if you crave for chocolate or fruits. If you’re more after salty things like pretzels and crisps, you’ll have a boy.


Bottom line, there are quite a few old wives’ tales out there. Sometimes, they’re proven to be right. Other times, they’re just about to be right. You can always take a sonographer test and find out for sure whether you’ll have a boy or a girl. However, leaving room for a little surprise is often a better idea. You can still play and take some guesses based on old wives’ tales though.

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