1 Week Pregnant – What to Expect, Baby development, and symptoms

1 Week Pregnant – What to Expect, Baby development, and symptoms

1 week pregnant: Believe it or not, your first week of pregnancy doesn’t really mean you’re pregnant. In fact, you’re on period, even if you can’t feel it. The first week of pregnancy actually begins on the first day of period. However, you’re still in the 9-month time frame.

Conception begins typically 2 weeks after the first day of your period. You’ll carry the baby for 37 to 42 weeks so the due date can be guessed, but hard to estimate precisely unless you avoid giving birth naturally.

What Happens at 1 Week Pregnant

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During the first week of pregnancy, the body is still preparing for the upcoming months. Chances are you’re still in great condition and you won’t experience any cravings, discomfort or other similar symptoms. There is a proper cell scientific process taking place within the next few weeks, hence the necessity to get your body in good shape.

One of the first things that occur in the body is the uterine lining thickening. Basically, the lining will go around 8mm in thickness or maybe even more. It varies from one woman to another. The upcoming weeks will bring in a significant growth, so the body has plenty of aspects to prepare up front.

At this point, researching is the key to knowing what’s going on in your body. It does pay off learning from other mothers’ experiences, so go ahead and read some guides, join discussion boards and forums. Whether or not you planned this pregnancy, the conception will be the focal point of your life for 9 months – and much longer once you give birth.

What to Expect

Up to 50% of all pregnant women feel nothing during the first weeks. Sure, you might experience some unusual situations, but they’re not necessarily related to your pregnancy. In fact, they’re mostly related to everyday activities, including your diet.

When it comes to pregnancy signs, sore breasts represent the most common symptom. You’ll feel a mild or moderate pain in your breasts – similar to the one associated with the period. Basically, you’ll experience pressure and tension. Other subtle signs will show up one at a time.

Although it’s not that common, a mild pinch might be experienced due to the implantation. Some mothers experience it. Slight bleeding may also occur as a direct consequence of the implantation, yet it’s not a general rule.

If you see any spotting on your underwear, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Around 30% of all women discover spotting caused by the fertilized egg. It occurs as the egg tries to make its way to the uterus lining.

How to Get Ready

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There are a few things you can do to help your body prepare during the first week of pregnancy. Taking some quality supplements is highly recommended. Daily prenatal vitamins are quite popular. They should include plenty of folic acid though. This kind of vitamin prevents a series of defects in babies. There are plenty of choices out there, but stick to quality products. Do some research online upfront.

Vitamins are needed throughout the entire pregnancy, so try to find a reliable brand and stick to it. Pay attention to how your body feels as you take vitamins.

Other than that, iron supplements are quite handy too. Plant-based iron is more common because it’s absorbed faster. The same rule applies to vitamins – plant-based forms are better accepted by the body.

Leave behind any unhealthy habits too – not just for the first week, but for the whole pregnancy and even after your baby is born. For example, smoking can seriously harm a baby – same for alcohol. It’s true that the egg is highly protected during the first few weeks. If you accidentally have a cigarette or drink some alcohol, there’s nothing to worry about; but do avoid them for the future.


In conclusion, the first week of pregnancy is all about preparation. Good preparation can guarantee for a healthy pregnancy and an easy delivery. There’s not too much going on and there aren’t too many signs and symptoms, but that’s only because the pregnancy hasn’t officially started. At this level, the body is getting ready for the upcoming months, so it’s just preparing. Make sure you support it accordingly.

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