10 Weeks Pregnant: Belly, Symptoms and Fetal Development

10 Weeks Pregnant: Belly, Symptoms and Fetal Development

You’re almost there, ten weeks of pregnancy and counting. You’re close to finishing your first trimester. That’s a significant milestone as you’ll be experiencing more changes when you reach it. What you need to know about your 10 weeks pregnant.

What are the signs of 10 Weeks Pregnant?

10 weeks pregnant

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During the ninth week of pregnancy, you may experience several symptoms that include:

  • Morning sickness: this symptom is entirely typical, but annoying, during pregnancy. It usually
  • stops once you hit the second trimester. What’s utterly frustrating about this is that it can happen throughout the day. Whose idea was it to call it morning sickness?
  • Frequent urination: You may visit the bathroom frequently as the blood flow in your pelvis increases during pregnancy.
  • Mood swings: you may encounter an emotional instability because of the hormonal changes in your body
  • Round ligament pain: you may experience some pain in your abdomen as it’s stretching and adjusting as your baby is gowning.
  • Visible veins in the abdomen area: which is totally normal as it indicates that your blood flow is increasing.
  • Fatigue: since your body is doing its best to grow the baby and your sleep is interrupted because of urination and weird dreams.
  • Nausea: which can happen at any time during the day.

If one of the above symptoms gets out of hand, consult your healthcare provider and ask them for guidance. While most signs and issues are typical, do not take your body for granted and trust your instinct if it tells you that something is wrong.

How many months is 10 weeks pregnant? weeks 9-13 is 3 months.

How is your body changing?

The pregnancy cannot be noticed yet. Breasts usually get bigger during the tenth week as your body prepares itself for lactation, but your uterus isn’t big enough for a belly bump yet.It’s time to start thinking about breaking the news if you haven’t done it yet. Consult your partner and your health care provider and be open to them regarding your feelings towards pregnancy.

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How is your baby changing?

During the tenth week, the baby is 2 inches long, making it the size of a lime, and weighs around 7 grams or ¼ of an ounce. The vital organs – such as the brain, heart, liver, kidneys,and lungs- are fully developed and ready to work by this time, and the joints are functional while the bones and cartilage are forming. Your baby’s head takes half of its size by this time, and his or her fingers are no longer webbed.

What’s next?

Prepare for your next prenatal appointment which occurs on the 12 to the 16-week milestone. During that visit, your health care provider is most likely to perform an ultrasound screening that will allow you to see your baby for the first time. Your doctor may bring up the quickening or first fatal movement, which usually happens between the 13th and the 16th week.

You can ask for an additional sonogram testing, but make sure to consult your doctor and to go through the commercial sonogram safety checklist before doing so.

As always, take the opportunity to clarify anything that may seem obscure to you, and ask your doctor for tips and guidance. They’re there to help, so don’t be shy to ask your questions, no matter how weird they may sound, especially if it’s your first pregnancy.

Tips for a healthy ten weeks pregnant

The best advice here is that you need to perform some activities to ensure a proper blood and oxygen circulation. Look for exercises that suit you and your baby, especially low impact workouts like yoga and swimming, and ask your healthcare provider if they’re good for your health. Avoid high impact exercises like jogging or squats, as they do more harm than good if a woman is pregnant.

Tips for your partner

Besides taking care of the hard chores and getting the pets away from the mother, you, as a partner, can encourage her to do some exercises and activities, by inviting her to do it together. Walking and swimming are some of the best practices that you can do as a couple. These activities can boost your partner’s mood and health, so do not ignore them.

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