14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound & Belly (A Must Read)

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound & Belly

Finally, the second trimester is here! With the beginning of the 14 Weeks Pregnant, a lot must be going in your mind. That’s totally normal, and we’re here to help with what you need to know during this week.

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

What is Currently Happening with Your Body?:  The changes depend on whether it’s your first pregnancy or not. If that’s the case, you’ll probably show earlier than expected as your body knows what to do and how to accommodate the growth of the baby by adjusting the uterus size. If it’s your first time carrying a child, it’s normal to witness a bit of a delay.

During the 14 weeks pregnant period, you’re most likely going to need those maternity clothes you’ve been avoiding. Accepting that you’re increasing in size is hard, but it’s a must, so keep in mind that you’re experiencing typical pregnancy body changes. If you’re not ready for those clothes yet, you can borrow your partner’s or use rubber bands, for which there are exclusive models for pregnancy that you can get at the nearest drugstore, along with safety pinsin order to enlarge the waistbands.

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What is Your Baby’s Size at this Stage?

Your little child isn’t big yet, as he/she typically measures around four inches (10 cm)long and weighs around two ounces (50 g) at the start of the 14th week.

How is Your Baby Doing During this Week?

Your baby is continuing his/her journey towards developing a full body, with the liver starting to produce bile and the spleen starting to make red blood cells.

As for the limbs, the baby’s arms are continuing to grow and become more proportioned to the body.

Facial expressions start to appear on your baby’s face during this week as well, as the brain reaches enough development and growth to command the facial muscles to grimace, frown, and squint, or even such his/her thumb.

You should feel assured once you reach the second trimester as the miscarriage chances decrease once you’re at this stage.

What Should You Plan for This Week?

We know this is starting to feel repetitive, but If you’re experiencing mood swings during the day, or even the night, you should know that it is a normal feeling. Excitement, stress, or overwhelm can be equally felt by pregnant women, so you’re not alone. Many questions may start roaming your head, such as:

  • How healthy will my baby be?
  • How good will I be as a parent?
  • Am I doing everything I should be doing?
  • Is my financial condition good enough to raise a baby?

Take things slowly. Since you’re here looking for knowledge about your pregnancy, you’re definitely going to be a good parent. Accept the physical and mental changes you’re going through,and you’ll be fine.

How Can You Make Your Pregnancy Better?

If you’re experiencing some weird moles that are appearing for the first time or a change in the moles that are already there. While they may be related to your pregnancy, it’s advisable to consult your healthcare provider to evaluate the moles, especially if they are of weird color or shape.

Tips for the Partner

Pregnancy isn’t a struggle for the pregnant alone;it can be hard for the partner as well. It’s crucial to help your partner out during her pregnancy, as she needs more rest than usual.When she’s about to take a nap, take care of the kids or pets so that they can leave her alone. Also, make sure to make sweet gestures, like preparing a fancy, romantic dinner, from time to time, as those happy moments are beneficial for the pregnancy.