18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound and Baby Size

18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound and Baby Size

18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: The halfway mark is almost at your grasp! Here’s what you should know about the upcoming week.

What’s happening to your body at 18 Weeks?

week 18 pregnancy

Your body is always changing, and at this point, it should be apparent to most that you’re growing a baby inside your belly. But aside from that, there are other hidden changes that are happening to you without anyone noticing them.

Your pregnancy effects, for example, your cardiovascular system. A side effect of that can be low blood pressure. Because of that, you should really go about standing from a lying or sitting position very slowly. It would limit the dizziness that you can feel because of everything that’s going on with your blood flow.

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So how much did your baby grow?

When you reach the end of the week, the baby would be weighing around 5.5 ounces (160 grams) and at the height of about 6.29 inches (16 cm).

What’s happening to the baby during Week 18 of Pregnancy?

18 weeks pregnant

As we reach this point, the Myelin, a protective layer, starts to envelop the nerves of your baby. But this phenomenon doesn’t end before the baby’s birth. The Myelin will still form for even a whole year after the baby’s birth. And just in case you’re having a girl, her uterus and Fallopian tube would have just put themselves in their right places in the body. But in the case of a boy, you may be able to spot his genital in the next ultrasound. But it can be a bit tricky, so don’t hold your breath.

How should you plan out this week?

Many pregnant women can get pretty excited about going to the third prenatal appointment. Here’s what you should expect, as this one can be a bit different. You may have to choose between an ordinary sonogram and a level II sonogram. To make things clear, a level II sonogram is an ordinary ultrasound that focuses on a specific area of the baby’s growth.

It gives an opportunity for healthcare providers to observe more details. But aside from what been said, it isn’t different from a level I sonogram.

You’ll most probably also get an MSAFP test (stands for Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Screening), also known as AFP test (Alpha-Fetoprotein). What it does basically is measure the level of Alpha-Fetoprotein in the blood of the expecting mother. It’s all just a part of the triple test screening which is aimed at evaluating the necessity for future diagnostic testing.

A few tips to make things easier

A nap can be an essential part of the day for many pregnant ladies. You can utilize the nap time of your other children, if you have any, to get some rest. Or if your children aren’t so fond of napping, try to make some “down” time in your schedule to allow yourself to relax and have a nap.

But if you happen to have a job, you can try to fit in a small time window for you to rest shortly. Just shut the door of your office if you have one and close your eyes for 15 minutes to re-energize yourself.

A few tips for the partner

Having to be responsible for the growth and nourishment of an entire human being can be a very straining challenge. And if she’s taking care of other kids or working on top of that, that you should keep in mind that she can only do so much and that she requires at least 30 minutes of resting time to keep herself going each day.

Offer to help her out with some of her responsibilities, like taking care of the children or cooking meals. Just the fact of knowing that you have another person to support you can bring so much relief for a pregnant woman.

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