19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Belly Size & Baby's Development

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Belly Size & Baby’s Development

With each passing week, you get closer and closer to delivering your baby. Let’s talk about what you should have in mind during Week 19 of Pregnancy.

What’s happening to your body?

The second trimester can come with a variety of challenges. One of those is the round ligament pain. It has to do with sharp pain in the area of the hip or the belly as stretching occurs to the round ligaments, and it can happen to either one or the two sides of your body. In some cases, it was even reported that the pain extended to the groin area.

But round ligament pain isn’t something that should raise any alarms. It’s completely normal because of your body’s preparation for the growth of your baby.

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So how much did your baby grow?

19 weeks pregnant

When you reach the end of the week, the baby would be weighing around 7 ounces (200 grams) and at the height of about 7 inches (17.8 cm). You might be worried by those numbers, but there’s nothing to fear. You’re a baby still has the time to do all the growing that needs to be done.

What’s happening to the baby during this week?

The development that your baby is going through,as he continues to grow, is unique. For instance, hair begins to appear on the baby’s head,and his kidneys start to produce urine. And if you’re baby happens to be a girl, then her ovaries would contain at this time around 6 million eggs.

How should you plan out this week?

Many of us have gotten used to incorporating herbs in our home remedies. But a pregnant woman should be more careful with what she introduces to her body, including all of these herbs. So as usual, before ingesting anything of a similar nature, consult your health provider first.

For instance, if you take a particular kind of natural herbs, you can cause stimulation in the uterine muscles which in return can lead to a miscarriage. So again, contact your healthcare provider before taking any decision and stay safe.

A few tips to make things easier

19 weeks pregnant

Now ladies going through pregnancy are no strangers to dizziness. If you’re wondering how it can occur, well it all has to do usually with low blood pressure (hypotension). You see, when you lie down, there’s an unwanted amount of pressure being applied to the vena cava and the aorta by the uterus. Recognizing that those are major blood vessels, what happens to them can be problematic. When pressure is applied to them, it’s called supine hypotension. This pressure can be eliminated by trying to sleep on the side rather than the back. Besides that, we’ve got postural hypotension. It can occur when you stand up too rapidly from a position of kneeling, squatting or sitting. As you begin to rise, gravity acts on your blood pressure, forcing it to drop. And that’s where the dizziness comes from. Next time, try to move slowly when standing up.

A few tips for the partner

Try to make your partners day by sharing with them an activity that they like to do. Even if you’re not exactly fond of that activity, it can mean so much for them if you’re willing to take the time and effort to make them happy.

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