4 Weeks Pregnant? Check Out The Symptoms And What To Expect

4 Weeks Pregnant? Check Out The Symptoms And What To Expect

Are you are at 4 weeks pregnant? If you are unsure whether you are pregnant or not, this is the best time to get fully convinced. At this stage, you start experiencing some signs like hormonal changes, missed (menstrual) periods, nausea and vomiting.

You can find out the real situation at hand by contacting your doctor or by simply using a pregnancy test strip.

Now, if you are sure that your pregnancy test is positive, there is need to make some important changes in lifestyle and diet from the fourth week. From this point until you give birth to your beautiful baby, there are some points that you have to keep in mind to have a wonderful delivery. This is the point your baby starts developing.

Body Changes and Other Symptoms at 4 Weeks Pregnant

4 weeks pregnant

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When your pregnancy is 4 weeks old, your body starts to produce the pregnancy hormone simply referred to as HGC. This causes different signs and symptoms in your body system. Below are the symptoms of 4 weeks pregnancy.

  • Sore breasts
  • Light-headedness
  • Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Morning sickness
  • Mood swing
  • Mild cramping
  • Fatigue
  • Spotting
  • Bloating

You start noticing some changes in your breasts. They become a little bigger, tender and sore, and in some cases, you experience a tingling feeling. Also, some women have a very sharp sense of smell at this stage, which could be either bad or good, depending on the smell.

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Any repulsive smell can cause vomiting or nausea. Truth be told, the first trimester of pregnancy can be tiring and burdensome, and looks like it will never come to an end. Mostly this would be the toughest part of the pregnancy (Child Labor not counted). But you must have it in your mind that it’s just a stage that will definitely come and go. Then you begin to experience other symptoms as the pregnancy progresses.

4 Weeks Pregnancy Belly

At the fourth week of pregnancy, your belly might appear a little swollen, but you rarely look like one that’s pregnant. Yet, you should act like one that is expecting a baby in few months’ time. And that implies given TLC (Tender Love & Care) to your tiny fetus and yourself likewise.

At week four of pregnancy, the baby has started undergoing crucial development, so you should start taking a parental vitamin in case you have not started already. Try to get one that has a minimum of 400 micrograms of folic acid and try to take it on a daily basis.

We understand you have got a lot going on in your mind, but because folic acid has been proven to help avoid birth defects, it is highly recommended.

Gradually, you will begin to notice that your jeans don’t sit on your waist anymore, don’t feel shy about putting on loose clothing. Think waterfall cardigans, drapey shirts, leggings and stretchy pants.

If you still want to look fashionable and stay comfortable, there are a bunch of loose-fitting clothing to choose from.

Baby’s Development

At the fourth week of pregnancy is when your baby starts experiencing rapid development. Conception, fertilization, &implantation have all taken place, and the fetus starts developing into a baby.

When still at the embryonic stage, there are layers that make up the baby – the hypoblast and the epiblast. Also, the yolk sac and amnion sac develop at the fourth week. Amniotic fluid fills the amnion sac, and this serves as a protective sheath to the embryo.

The yolk sac is responsible for blood production and helps to sustain the embryo till the placenta takes charge. At this stage, the vascular network of your baby is developing and aiding the movement of oxygen, blood, and other nutrients from mother to baby through the means of the umbilical cord.

The size of your baby is about 0.4 mm long – almost equivalent to the size of an apple seed. Blood is starting to bump, the heart begins to beat, and other organs start developing.

Some Useful Tips for Pregnancy at Week 4

The fourth week of pregnancy is an important stage that should be taken cautiously. To help you maximize this period, below are some key factors to bear in mind:

  • Stay away from any negative habits forthwith

As a pregnant woman, if you are into alcohol and drugs, try as much as possible to avoid taking them. Why is this important? Because this is the stage your baby’s internal organs start developing. Also, be mindful of the medications you take because some can negatively affect your baby’s development. Talk to your doctor before taking any drugs.

  • Relate any issue with your spouse/partner

If you have anything bordering you or you are feeling some strange symptoms, discuss them with him. This way, your partner understands what you are going through, keeping them in an alert mode.

  • Relax and take enough rest

This is an important key to keep in mind. At pregnancy week 4, you should not stress yourself at all. I have stated earlier that this is the stage when your baby starts developing. I believe you wouldn’t want to cause any complication for yourself and the developing baby.

  • Relate issues with friends and family

Remember that a lot of people have passed through what you are going and they know how it feels like. These people can help you see through some changes such as physical, hormonal, and emotional changes you will experience as you go through the pregnancy journey. If it is your first pregnancy, then needing your friends and family around is non-negotiable as you will surely need their support.

Other tips

If you need medical insurance, find out the right one that suits your need. Know exactly what the insurance covers and see if it tallies with what you want.

Visit a reputable obstetrician from time to time. To ensure that everything is going the right way, it is advisable that you book appointments with an approved obstetrician.


These are the most crucial stages of your pregnancy. Take care of yourself & the baby. Take some rest. Eat only healthy. From now your life is going to change completely. Your pregnancy would be a roller coaster ride for you, so be prepared and enjoy.

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