9 Weeks Pregnant: What are the signs of pregnancy at this point?

9 Weeks Pregnant: What are the signs of pregnancy at this point?

You’ve made it to ninth weeks of pregnancy, how are you feeling today? Is the baby kicking yet? We hope it’s not, because that’s not normal at this stage. At the beginning of the third month, there are some things to consider. What should you know about the 9 weeks pregnant?

What are the signs at 9 Weeks Pregnant?

9 weeks pregnant

During the ninth week of pregnancy, you may experience several symptoms that include:

  • Morning sickness: you may keep experiencing morning sickness until you reach the second trimester. Till then, you need to hang on as the vomiting may happen anytime throughout the day, not only when you wake up.Slight abdomen cramps are also typical during these weeks.
  • Fatigue: As your baby keeps sharing your food and resources, you may experience instances of fatigue during which you can take a nap or just lay on the bed.
  • Frequent urination: This is because of the augmented blood flow that’s reaching your pelvis, and it’s normal.
  • Mood swings: Hormones can wreak havoc on your mood, so be prepared to face mood swings frequently.
  • Nausea: this symptom is totally normal during pregnancy during to the various hormonal changes going on in your body. If it gets out of hand, do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider to ask for advice.

How is your body changing?

Your pregnancy isn’t yet apparent at this stage, and it’s hard for people to notice it, but you’re likely to feel many issues in your body, especially heartburn. To avoid that, split your meals into different snacks throughout the day and avoid eating high-calorie foods at once.

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How is your baby changing?

Once you hit the week 9 milestone, your baby becomes a fetus, not an embryo anymore. It’s 0.9inch long, making it the size of a little cherry, and roughly weighs 0.7 ounces. It’s starting to get the shape of an average person as the embryonic tail disappears entirely by the ninth week.

As for the baby’s limbs, it can finally move them as all the joints, like the knee and the elbow, are functional. Besides, the baby can make a fist and may start sucking its finger. Your baby is growing!

What’s next?

If you’re over 35 years, consider getting a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test, which is used to determine whether the baby has any chromosomal abnormalities, which frequently occur at this age. The analysis can be performed anywhere from week nine to week twelve, and you should consult a genetic counselor and your health care provider before doing it. Once you do it, your physician will tell you what you need to do precisely.

Tips for a healthy 9 weeks Pregnant

Since your baby is getting bigger and you’re facing frequent urination, you may have trouble sleeping as you’re thriving to find the right position during the night. Our tip here is to sleep on the side, as that’s the best position for you and your baby.

As for your food, keep your diet as healthy as possible as your baby’s organs are developing and he or she needs proper foods for proper growth. Involve all the major food groups – including veggies, fruits,and natural juices – in your diet and consult a nutritionist if you’re capable of making your own meal plan.

You should also perform some low impact exercises as they ensure a good blood and oxygen circulation for both you and your child. Try to do those workouts with your partner as that will enhance your mood and give you a motivational boost, which is something you genuinely need during this period.

Tips for your partner

As your partner is struggling with the child in her belly, you need to create the perfect environment for both of them. Make sure to take care of hard house chores, and replace the bright light bulbs with dimmer ones for better sleep at night.

On a second note, you need to support your partner emotionally. So much is going through her head right now, so bear her mood swings and make it clear that you’re with her no matter what. After all, you can’t blame her for the way her body changes during pregnancy.

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