How Safe is Sex During Pregnancy? What you Should Know

How Safe is Sex During Pregnancy? What you Should Know

How Safe is Sex During Pregnancy? When you’re pregnant, a lot goes in your mind; is this okay? Is that safe? The struggle is real as you’re thinking about yourself and the baby you’re carrying. Regular practices become scary, and you start procrastinating whenever you’re trying to do something, including sex. Sex is an important aspect of your life with your partner, and it’s normal for couples to wonder whether they can have an intercourse during pregnancy or not.

So, is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

sex during pregnancy

Good news: in normal cases, sex is totally safe during pregnancy as your baby is protected by three layers: the mucus plug that prevents anything from reaching your cervix, your abdomen and the amniotic fluid in the womb. Of course, it’s better to consult your health care provider first as a sexual intercourse can be dangerous in certain cases.

When does sex become unsafe?

First, you should note that sex here refers to vaginal intercourse, as anal sex is not safe when you’re carrying a baby and can have severe consequences.

In certain cases, your health care provider can indicate that you should avoid sex. That’s mainly when you have a high-risk pregnancy. Sex become dangerous if:

  • You have a history of miscarriage or premature birth
  • You experience unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge, and if your water has broken
  • You have an incompetent cervix, a dilated one or a placenta previa, which is a condition where the placenta is placed too low in the abdomen.
  • Your partner has a sexually transmitted disease
  • You have an STD or a history of it in your family

What can you do for a comfortable sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

Even though you can have sex when you’re carrying a child, the process can be uncomfortable because of the changes that occur in your body. To make the intercourse more comfortable, you need to make some changes to your habits.

Some of the things to keep in mind while you’re pregnant:

  • Your sex drive may be reduced because of the hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, exhaustion, your tender breasts and mood swings, so don’t force it. Take a break and explain to your partner what you’re going through.
  • Your breasts become tender and increase in size during pregnancy, and stimulating them can become uncomfortable. Explain that to your partner and ask him or her to caress you on other parts of your body.
  • During pregnancy, the pelvic area receives an increased blood flow which may result in an increase sensation in that area. While that can seem more tempting for some women, others find it infuriating.
  • The usual sex positions can be uncomfortable for you as your belly is bigger, so try to explore new ones during pregnancy. Comfortable sex positions include: You on top and spooning, where you lay side by side with your partner.

If you take care of those issues, you’re bound to get a pleasant sexual intercourse with your partner even while being pregnant. Again, make sure to consult your health care provider first. Once they give you the green light, you can go ahead and play some naked twister with your partner.

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